The Primaries are upon us

Are you registered to VOTE???

With the early voting primaries starting in March and the wide variety of colorful candidates in both parties, voting has never been more important for the church. Here is some pertinent information to assure you are registered and ready to participate in the primary and general elections. If you’re not sure that you are registered you can go to the website and click on (Am I registered?) and follow the prompts.

Voter’s registration certificates are sent out every two years, so if you haven’t received one in the mail you need to contact your county clerk or elections administrator. Once you receive your voter’s registration card in the mail, review it to make sure the information is correct, sign it and keep it in a safe place for the day you vote. At that time you are ready to go to your polling booth and you will be in the official list of voters.

The Democratic and Republican Primary Election will take place on Tuesday, March 1, 2016. The last day one can register to vote for this election is February 1. Early voting takes place February 16 – February 26. Photo ID is currently required for voting in person. November 8, 2016 is the General Election.

You will be able to find early voting locations by using the search site Am I Registered? On, which will be populated with voting sites a few days before early voting begins. Or, you may want to contact the Early Voting Clerk for State and County elections. Also, many newspapers publish early voting and Election Day polling locations.

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