October 25, 2016

About Us



BLOODLOVE WORLDWIDE, a non-profit organization focused on offering a new and more effective way of  transitioning men from prison into the community. Our Criminal Justice Reform model is aimed at helping men that are released from prison to refocus their lives on the importance of being an active father and leader to their families, work place and communities. Our vision is to offer a comprehensive program in prisons and after release that reduces the recidivism rate, and more importantly helps to preserve families and communities by addressing the issue of re-integration of men and women who have served time in prison.

Bloodlove Worldwide offers a comprehensive program that bridges all stages of prison release: (18-36 months’ release), the critical first days (first 72 hours out) and the critical months after release until a man has found a job, place to live, and a purpose.  There are no other programs like ours that target men at the pre-release stage, out of prison, and provides assistance until he has successfully transitioned.   We are Christian based- but do not require our participants to be of the Christian faith and we do no proselytize our faith at any time during or after our program. We seek to reduce the recidivism rate and make our communities safer.

We are located in Tarrant County Texas, but our project can be replicated in all 50 states. There were approx. 31,000 misdemeanors committed in Tarrant County last year. Over 100 a day, combined with felonies we have approximately 150 criminal incidents in Tarrant County every day. Seventy percent are committed by men. This directly addresses the recidivism rate in our communities.

Mentoring through action is what separates us from most programs. We are a hands on program that physically works with men who are in need of the basic necessities to succeed such as walking with them through court, probation, parole, job applications, job interviews, acquiring legal documents, housing, transportation and the restoration of their families when possible. We also offer a proven curriculum that is very successful at helping people transform their lives.  Our goal is full restoration to a father or member of society, with character, integrity, commitment, leadership and faith as the foundation of their new lives.

We are approved to offer our program by the Texas Department of Corrections.  We serve 133 men on 22 units of which 2 are pre-release units.  By the end of 2017, we would like to be offering our program on 6 pre-release units. We will offer our program continuously, year-round and hope to build our capacity to help thousand of people. While in prison we offer a curriculum called “Majoring in Men”. It is based on the  curriculum written by Dr. Edwin Louis Cole and has been demonstrated over time to be highly effective.  By focusing on character, integrity, leadership, commitment and fatherhood we are able to give men the foundation that so many have never received due to the slow erosion of the family unit over the past generations. After release we offer mentoring , job training and placement, housing assistance, transportation and an array of services to help the person recover.  At the core of all of our work is the deep self-discovery that helps a person know his role as a men.

We work with other non-profit community organizations. 3 Drug Rehabilitation Centers, 6 large manufacturing employers in DFW Metroplex area and 7 in Waxahachie, TX, and over 40 religious organizations. We have good relationships with a variety of employers who look to us for future employees.

We have 5 volunteers that are trained to be facilitators and coordinate the prison-based services.  As men are released they are assigned a mentor to walk them through the issue that face them. We don’t send them out alone to register with organizations for bus vouchers, EBT Cards, Social Security Card and DL. It is overwhelming enough and most don’t have the funds to go all over the city. We do all of that in house. We work directly with the person and escort them in navigating these issues. Some have never used a cell phone or a smart phone. That is true mentorship and what separates us from other organizations. Our volunteers will increase exponentially in the next year due to a potential partnership with Kairos Organization.

The current recidivism rate is over 60%.  Our goal is to significantly reduce that rate while improving the lives of families.  When a person goes to prison, there are many victims including those close to the individual. Our ultimate goal is to offer our program in all 50 states.  In order to do that we  will track indicators of success including:

  • Reduction in the recidivism rates
  • Job placement and retention rates
  • Family re-unification rates
  • Program completion rates
  • Survey of participants
  • Record personal story of participant