Majoring in Men™ curriculum

The Majoring in Men™ Curriculum consists of nine books combined with easy to follow lessons that coincide with each chapter of the book. Each lesson has a self-test and there is a final exam to wrap up the book and lessons. Inconsistencies in men are generally a testimony to their immaturity. – Dr. Ed Cole

Criminal Justice

Bloodlove knows there is a great need in our Criminal Justice System for uniquely qualified men and women who are willing to be with you and your loved ones every step of the way. We assist with court appearances, communication with your loved ones, attorneys and court officers, arraignment, bond, jail and prison policy and procedures.

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A few percentages to consider.
In Texas, there are 380 individuals for every 1 person released from Prison, State Jail or Substance Abuse Programs.

The mission of BLOODLOVE WORLDWIDE is intended to help in the healing of individuals and families torn apart by crime – whether committed against an individual or by an individual. It is designed to help individuals who are distraught while facing trial, imprisonment and ultimately the challenge that those returning face in coming home and reintegrating into the community and family. This mission shows individuals/communities/corporations/churches how they can do the healing work of reconciliation among those who have caused harm, those who have been hurt, and the larger community. Therefore, this mission expresses BLOODLOVE WORLDWIDE’S commitment not only to transform those returning from prison but to transform ourselves. This mission can help communities by recognizing the resources they currently have. These resources can be mobilized to help individuals respond when they or their family members are caught up in the criminal justice system. For many years, individuals/communities/corporations/churches have ministered to people in prison. More recently, they have begun to help people coming out of prison by welcoming them home and helping them reintegrate into their communities. This mission offers a slightly different approach. It suggests ways to help people in one’s own communities who are accused of crimes, incarcerated, or coming home from prison; the families of such people; the victims of Crime and their families; and the larger community -- right from the start of the criminal justice process all the way through to a solid and safe return home from prison.

  • Courtrooms

    % of needs met in courtrooms.

  • Prison

    % of needs met in our prisons.

  • Aftercare

    % of needs met upon release.

  • Recidivism

    % Recidivism Rate in our communities.


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